How To Sell Your Home In A Weekend

Abby Husbands
Published on July 18, 2018

How To Sell Your Home In A Weekend

Have you been seriously considering putting your house on the market but the thought of constant showings day after day have left you second-guessing your decision to sell your home? Well, sit back as I discuss how you can sell your home in a weekend.

So, first thing’s first. You’ve been thinking about possibly selling your home but the thought of constant showings and people traipsing through your home and having your home show-ready all the time has left a lot to be desired. Well, today I’m going to be going through some of my steps to get your home sold in a weekend. Let me just add a little disclaimer here. This is not going to be for every price point. It seems as though homes, at least in Austin above $500,000, take a little longer to sell. It may not be possible to sell it over a weekend because your pool of buyers is not as large as say for someone in the $200,000-$400,000 price point. These are still great guidelines to go by, because it will get your home sold faster than if you didn’t take my advice.

If you’ve ever watched my YouTube channel before, there is a little video called, Get it Right the First Time. I talk about how to price your home correctly. Well, that is probably one of the, if not the most important factor in selling your home in a weekend. Make sure you price it right. If your house is priced too high, it doesn’t matter how fabulous it is, it’s not going to sell…sorry.

If you are thinking about selling your home, this process to get your home prepped and ready usually starts three to six months before you actually put your house on the market. There are things that you are going to want to do to get it ready to list. You will need to declutter, go through and take away all of your personal items that may not appeal to a buyer. You just want to edit your entire house.

Start working on the curb appeal. That’s incredibly important. Plant perennials or annuals. Now’s a great time, three to six months beforehand to weed and feed your lawn. Your curb appeal is going to make a huge impact in your photography and when people drive by. While you’re decluttering, you’re going to also want to be deep cleaning your house, which includes baseboards, ceiling fans, power washing your windows, your walkways, driveway & your back patio. Make sure that home is spic and span because someone’s going to walk into it and if it’s clean, if it smells clean, then they’re going to be more apt to make an offer on it than if it smells like feet.

Next up. It’s really important to stage your home. If you don’t hire a professional stager or if you work with an agent, your realtor typically has a stager they recommend. If your house is going to be vacant, an amazing way to stage your home is by virtually staging your home. One of my favorite companies to do that is called Box Brownie. For a minimal price, you can have your high-resolution photos virtually staged. You pick the furniture, you tell them if you want pops of color or what color scheme to go with. It really is a great way to sell your home quickly if it’s vacant.

My next tip is you need maximum exposure. Exposure is huge. Right now there are a few companies out there that are saying that they’ll list your home for next to nothing and they’ll use the latest technology to get your home sold, but they’re not listing your home in MLS. Not putting your home in MLS is a huge mistake. Why? Because every realtor in Austin searches for homes on the market through our MLS system. This is a multiple listing service that 13,000 Austin agents search every single day. If your home is not in MLS, you are cutting out a huge pool of buyers that could potentially purchase your home. As an agent, we don’t look on Zillow. I’m sorry to break it to you, but we don’t. We don’t look on to find homes for our buyers. We search and pay membership dues to use the Austin Area MLS. If your home is not selling quickly and you’re not getting the exposure from MLS, you might want to rethink that.

Going along with the exposure in MLS, please make sure that you use professional photographs. If you’re working with an agent and they’re taking pictures with their iPhone, they’re doing you a huge disservice. Just make sure your agent has a very strong marketing plan to expose your home to as many buyers and as many potential buyers as possible.

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