Moving To A New City

Abby Husbands
Published on April 9, 2018

Moving To A New City


I think we can all agree, moving sucks. But it sucks even more if you’re relocating to a new city. That’s where my virtual reality house hunting platform comes in handy. It is designed specifically for the buyer. Initially, it was designed to help buyers save time on their home search. Well, now we’ve discovered that it’s a fabulous tool for folks moving to a new city & for out-of-state investors who are looking to buy properties in the Austin area. It’s not only a game-changer in the industry, my clients absolutely LOVE it! It helps alleviate some of the stress that comes along with moving.

I was recently featured on ABC KVUE’s Tech Tuesday & on Fox7’s Good Day Austin because this platform is such a game-changer. Below are a few steps explaining how I use virtual reality in the house hunting process.

  1. For my relocation clients, I set up a Zoom meeting to go over their impending move. I do the same for out-of-town investors. We fill out a questionnaire together so I can get a feel for what they’re looking for in a new home or investment properties. Next, I drop a pair of VR goggles in the mail to them.
  2. I then set them up in the Austin area MLS & start sending them homes matching their search criteria. If my clients see a home that piques their interest I run out & take a 360’ virtual tour. These tours start in the front yard so they can get a feel for the neighborhood which captures a glimpse into their possible neighbors along with any traffic noise.
  3. Each client has their own private portal created through my Savvy House Hunting website where they can view the homes at their leisure, either on their cell phone, laptop or tablet. The goggles are used along with their cell phone to get the true VR experience. If they love the 360’ video we can view it in person or if they’re not yet in Austin, some clients have put in an offer based on the video tour. Often times, if it’s a family, one spouse is already here searching for homes. This tool is also amazing for the remaining family members to weigh in on their favorites.
  4. My clients can leave me notes in their portal, send the homes they don’t love to the trash bin, & we can both upload documents including checklists or seller’s disclosure agreements. Then they have all of their files & pictures organized in one place.

Now, aren’t you excited about moving to a new city? Ok, maybe not excited but at least you can wrap your head around moving with Virtual Reality House Hunting.

Check out the entire process featured in my YouTube video, Moving To A New City Using Virtual Reality House Hunting & feel free to reach out with any questions. I’m never too busy to help!

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