When Is My First House Payment Due?

Abby Husbands
Published on July 31, 2018

When Is My First House Payment Due?

Your offer was accepted, you made it through your option period and inspections. You negotiated repairs, made it through underwriting and the house appraised. Now you’re at the closing table and you’re wondering “When is my first  mortgage payment due?” I’ll sit back as I discussed when you will need to make your first mortgage payment now.

Hey y’all. Abby Husbands here. I’m a realtor in Austin, Texas, and one of the most frequently asked questions I get at the closing table is when is my first mortgage payment due? And that depends on the day of the month you close on your new home. If you close on August 31st, your first payment will be due on October 1st. If you close on September 1st, instead of August 31st, your first payment is going to be due on November 1st. You will receive this detailed payment information at closing along with your first few coupons to your mortgage company. Later you will be receiving something in the mail on how to sign up to make your payments online. It is likely that your loan is going to be sold to a new lender. So your first one or two payments may be made to the mortgage lender that closed your loan and that loan will be sold off to another company. It happens all the time, this is nothing unusual.


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